الجمعة، 23 نوفمبر 2012

I'm not a commodity

I hate it when people look at me as "commodity" they most get rid of and sell it to the first buyer. When my mother try to find a husband for me! I do not need a man in my life now and definitely I don't want to get marry. 
I want to finish school and get master and get a job then I will think about getting married. I'm 20 years old and I'm still young mom why do you want to put me in hell in that young age? 

Don't say "marriage is heaven" because its not mom. Marriage is hell hole! 
I've seen people suffer from it and they have to handle it for their own children

You are one of them mom 
You scarified for us you had to handle my dad and his problems, you had to handle my dad's family.

Do you know what marriage means mom? 

Marriage is love! There is no marriage without love, and I do not want to live with a man I'm not in love with. 
Love in my country is forbidden and not allowed. Families kill their daughters if they fell in love because it will bring shame to the family.

If I ever thought of getting marry I will not get marry to a guy his mom or his sister chose me. I want a man who know me well and still want me , who love me for who I'm , who think of me as the love of his life .

This kind of men I'm ready to fight for till the day I die ... till the day I die.

الاثنين، 19 نوفمبر 2012


i know you all noticed that i have grammar mistakes so i'm really sorry about it :)

women's name

our bus driver don't know our names ! yeah he don't . he knows only our fathers names like some girl her name is Mona and her father name is Ahmad , our bus driver call her Ahmad's house or just Ahmad  ! 

isn't our names are our  identity ??

did my family gave me a name so you can call me with my fathers ? i'm not my father and you know i have my own name you should use it to call me with it  instead of my father's name .

well that for Saudis women name is a shame . Saudi guys try their whole lives to hide their mothers,sisters and wife names , they consider it like their honor so they try their best to hide it and if some guy find out the names they actually beat him .

this isn't Islamic , its actually backward mind or like i call it closed minds . Islam didn't change Arab minds nor technology didn't so nothing would ever change them . prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him ) said his mother,wives,sister and daughter . so why don't you Saudis follow him ?? why ?? aren't you Muslims ? Muslims follow their prophet am i right ? so why do you hide women names 

or is it just you follow what you like and you change verses meanings so you can make women a follower and men leaders ? Islam made men and women the same no difference , just equal each other !

i said before i won't talk about religion so i will stop but i had to say what i've said .in Saudi society women's face and names are a huge shame . 

when a girl go out with her husband or brother or even her dad , he is nice and sweet but when he sees his friend he tell her to hide because it is a shame that his friends sees him with a women ! 

of course not all Saudis are the same but most of them think and act like that 

الأحد، 18 نوفمبر 2012

Saudi universities

So today i'm going to talk about universities in Saudi Arabia . In girls universities no girl is allowed to go out of university with out a permission and there is only 2 ways to go out before 12 pm :
1- one or both of her parents pick her up and sign a piece of paper .
2- her father signs a permission paper for her to go out anytime she want .

you are probable wondering why did they put such rule ?

well they think if girls go out they would go out and do sex with GUYS ! or they would run away !
it is the most funniest and stupidest reasons ever! first of all they are not responsible for what we do out of their university and its not their job to raise us , its our family's job not theirs .

second thing is if a girl wanna go out with her boyfriend she will go out no matter how strict is your rules
she can go out after 12 pm (they open the doors at 12 pm and every one is allowed to go out with out any permission ) or she can just wait for her parents to go out or sleep or just pretend that she is going out with her friends  then she can do what ever she wanna do with her bf .

i don't know if you going to believe what i'm going to say now its more stupid than what I've said above .

in some universities not all put such stupid rule : cell phones with cameras are not allowed , laptops only allowed during class ,after the class no one allowed to use their laptop .
also girls are  not allowed to wear short skirts, sleeveless shirts and jeans or any pants . not allowed  to talk on her phone (phone with out any camera or internet connection) away from people means like if she go to empty  room in university and she started talking on the phone they will think she is talking to a guy !

male professors teach us too but how they teach is a weird way
just they connect the camera to a screen in the class room so we see him on screen but he can't see us we also hear him and he hear us too so it is hard that you can't see your students .

there is many stupid rules i can't really remember right now but i promise if i remembered i will post about it .

what i said above is not Islamic or related to Islam , its just backward traditions  .

الجمعة، 16 نوفمبر 2012

My First Post !

welcome to my blog ! 

My blog is going to be about my every day life which is all Saudi girls life  . no lies no hiding things or even covering the truth ,  just the dirty truth about Saudi girls life . Its not only about my life I'm going to write about girls problems around me but of course i'll have to hide their names and their personal informations . 

You are probably wondering how its like to be a girl in Saudi Arabia .Well believe me it is so hard . Living in Saudi as a girl its like living under a microscope.The community is watching you and watching over you too .you have to be very careful in every action you do and every word you say  because it may destroy your  reputation and your family's honor and of course your life . no one is going to marry you or marry any member of your family also people will TALK and TALK and keep TALKING and they will never leave you and your family  alone  .

if you want to know more and more about how its like to be a girl in Saudi Arabia  just keep reading my blog . i will try to post everyday as much as i can of course .

And if you have any kind of questions don't feel shy to ask and i promise to answer your question and tell the truth !